Let Someone Else Decide

Let Someone Else Decide

Let Someone Else Decide

A smile crept across his lips. The perfect place to sleep! It was near a restaurant, had a heat vent, and seemed sheltered from the rain. It was far enough away from the strip that he wouldn’t get bothered or beaten up. He would be able to hunker down, get comfortable and finally recover. Glorious.

It’d been three days since he last had a real meal, a real sleep or hadn’t felt afraid. Here, he could relax a little bit. He looked up to the night sky and issued a small prayer of thanks, then started to dig through his shopping cart for the blanket he’d found the day before.

As he closed his eyes, the warmth from the vent washing over his unbathed body, his smile persisted. Happy, he fell asleep.

Only a few days ago, I said goodbye to my Jiu Jitsu club, leaving it in the capable hands of a couple senior students. For a while before the change, I wondered what I would do with my time afterward. Improving the club and teaching my students was a huge focus of mine, and my departure means I’ll have more energy for other things. The only question is, what? There were a number of things on my mind, but it would seem the Universe has made my decision for me.

A Question of Direction

Often, we stress about the desires within our lives and the directions we’re moving in. Where do you want to live? What do you want your career to be like? Who do you want your friends to be? What kind of a person do you want to date? What are you even doing with your life? Sometimes, you make those decisions easily, pursue them, perhaps even achieve them, then move onto your next desire.

But what if you’re not sure? What if the questions still linger? What if doubt creeps into your psyche while you’re making life changing decisions? What if you’re not sure what exactly you want? What then?

Letting Go

At that moment, perhaps you can let someone else decide for you. There are always lessons to be learned (from anything), and giving up the sense of control you have can be freeing. Give yourself to your circumstances and see what comes of it.

So for the foreseeable future, I will be investigating Yoga. Today I won an unlimited membership to a local yoga studio, which I’ve been a member of a couple times in the past. Whilst I had originally thought I might pursue something a bit more martial with my new-found time, why shouldn’t I take a look at something that’s been placed into my lap so conveniently?

As much as I espouse taking control of your life and chasing your dreams, letting go of one’s attachments usually has a very positive affect on life. At the end of the day, our dreams and desires for our lives are very much attachments. We carry them around with us and if we’re unable to achieve them, they niggle at us, tell us we’re not doing all we should. But paying attention to what’s around you, and interacting with that, with just that, and making the most of it – this is wisdom. It’s about being thankful for what’s available, not what you desire.

Choose What’s Available

I used to tell my martial arts students that they never get to choose the technique they perform in a combative situation. It’s always chosen by the situation, by the attack that comes their way, by the energy they are given. That’s not to say they shouldn’t try to do the absolute most they can with their opportunities. They, of course, should execute the appropriate response to the best of their ability, but what they cannot do, is predict, anticipate and prepare for something completely unexpected. One can only react.

As it is in martial art, it is in life. Some things we can prepare for, some we can’t. Being unsure of your path is one such instance. However, When you take stock of your current situation, whatever it may be, and react to the best of your ability, you’re more likely to succeed, more likely to be thankful for what you have, and more likely to be happy. And really, isn’t that the point?

So let go of your thoughts, your attachments, open your eyes and see what’s on the menu.

“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.”

~ Napoleon Hill

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